Jeddah, one of the most beautiful city in Saudi Arabia

Your travel agency ALTAÏS VOYAGES invits you to discover Jeddah.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now open to travels lovers! Indeed, Saudi Arabia issues tourist visas since 2019. Now, you can discover the beauty of the Kingdom!

Thus, seasoned travellers and pilgrims can visit the most beautiful places and must-see cities in Saudi Arabia. Among them: Jeddah!

Jeddah’s rich cultural legacy

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Jeddah is a prominent port city in the Middle East. Also, if you are on a trip in Saudi Arabia and if you want to learn more about the Kingdom’s culture and history, you should visit this must-see destination.

For a long time, Jeddah is a crossing point for Muslims travelling to the holiest cities of Islam : Mecca and Medina, located hundreds kilometers away from Jeddah.

Known as “the Gate to Mecca” in the Muslim world, Jeddah is an historic city where you can find a plethora of splendid mosques. Among them, « Masjid al-Rahma », a mosque raised on stilts and which looks like floating on the Red Sea (this is the reason why it is called “the Floating Mosque”).

Leisure activities and tourist attractions

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In addition to its marvellous Islamic architecture, Jeddah offers visitors a wide panel of leisure activities and tourist attractions.

For example, visitors may enjoy a shopping trip in the saudi well-known “Mall of Arabia”. They may even find rides in “Al Shallal Theme Park” (“Shallal” means “waterfall” in Arabic).

Then, after roaming the streets of Jeddah, you will find numerous of markets. There, you will discover the charm of this seaside city.

Finally, there is nothing better than a walk along the famous Jeddah Corniche, which offers a beautiful view on the Red Sea, to end your city tour!

Then, if you want to discover the wonderful land of Saudi Arabia, you must visit and admire Jeddah’s beauty!

ALTAÏS VOYAGES travel agency invits you to discover the most wonderful cities in Saudi Arabia. Chek out our blog for more destinations.

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