Travelling to Turkey: what you need to know !

Your travel agency ALTAÏS VOYAGES invites you today to go on a trip. But not just anywhere: direction Turkey !

Turkey is a country full of a thousand and one wonders. In the heart of Istanbul, the largest city in the country, you will discover a long and breathtaking history, and immerse yourself in the fabulous Turkish culture by visiting the many monuments that adorn the splendid city.

In Turkey, you will be offered a vast choice of tourist places to visit, and regardless of the destination city! With the local currency, the Turkish lira, you will be able to survey the country open to tourists indeed, it is one of the top ten most visited countries in the world !). Turkey welcomes more than 45 million visitors each year, who are particularly interested in this exotic destination. Find out more about this tourist destination.

Travelling in Turkey: good manners !

  • In Turkey, it is customary to remove your shoes before entering a house.This habit is, in fact, part of the attention that Turks pay to cleanliness! Thus, it would be a very bad view not to remove your shoes, and it could even be considered as a lack of respect (even if you are a tourist).
  • If you are invited by a Turk to a restaurant for dinner, be prepared for him to pay the bill! Sharing the bill is not common in Turkish society, and any attempt by the traveler to share the bill will be refused. The best thing to do in this case is to thank the person, and invite them back.
  • When you are at the table, avoid blowing your nose !

Set off to explore Turkish gastronomy !

Turkish gastronomy is one of the most diverse in the world, and it is said to be the third richest gastronomy in the world!

Traveling in the beautiful country of Turkey, you will have the opportunity to taste a multitude of flavors, which can be grouped into three major families :

  • The cuisine of Western Turkey and the Aegean Sea
  • The cuisine of the Black Sea
  • Anatolian and South East Turkish cuisine

The most gourmet tourists will be able to find an infinite number of restaurants and pastry shops throughout Turkey during their trip. At the heart of this regional diversity, visitors will relentlessly find three fundamental constituents of traditional Turkish cuisine.

Your travel agency presents them to you below!

Turkish delicacy
  1. Turkish yogurt

Legend has it that yogurt originated in Central Asia, and that it spread to Europe and the Balkans thanks to the Turkish people. The origin of the term « yogurt » is also found in the Turkish verb « yoğurmak », which means « to knead ».

Turks use yogurt to accompany their savory dishes. A real delight for tourists and lovers of Turkish culture!

  1. Turkish tea (çay)

If you go to a local’s house, you will undoubtedly be offered a Turkish tea at the end of the meal. It is a black tea that does not have much tannin. It is drunk in a small glass (çay bardağı), and can be drunk at any time of the day (and even at night !).

  1. Turkish coffe (türk kahvesi)

Notice to travelers: you must specify the desired amount of sugar in your coffee before it is cooked ! Turkish coffee is actually differentiated into three kinds of coffee : the sweet (sekerli), the little sweet (orta sekerli) and the without sugar (sade). It is often accompanied by a small glass of water and a lokum.

In Turkey, you have to know how to dress!

In Turkey, it is frowned upon to dress too openly.

It is therefore preferable that tourists pay special attention to their clothing: it must be correct for the locals !

The monuments and tourist activities not to be missed in Turkey!

  • Dolmabahce palace
  • Saint Sophia Museum and Basilica – Blue Mosque
  • Galata Tower
  • Cruise on the Bosporus
  • Archaeological Museum Istanbul
  • Cappadocia.
Galata Tower Istanbul

So don’t wait any longer ! Make your dream come true by visiting Turkey : it is an exceptional and wonderful stay which awaits you for sure ! Discover other fabulous tourist destinations in the Middle East by visiting our blog and our social networks.

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